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Leisurewize Portable Spin Dryer Low Wattage 240v Caravan Camping Home LW642

LeisurewizeSKU: LW642

Sale price£149.99


  • Smart, gravity-assisted drainage
  • 5KG Washing capacity
  • 2800rpm rapid spin speed
  • A+ energy rating
  • Safety interlock on the lid
  • Super quiet thanks to specially designed spring dampened feet
  • Comes with 12 month guarantee

Save water, power and, most importantly, time with the help of our fantastic Gravity Spin Dryer. Compact, ergonomically designed and extremely efficient - with an impressive A+ energy rating - this easy-to-use dryer makes drying your clothes effortless, regardless of what the weather is like outside or how much space you have in your home.

Incredibly simple to operate, the Gravity Spin Dryer works by removing excess moisture from your freshly washed laundry without the need of an expensive-to-run heating element. The simple spinning process dries your clothes quickly and effortlessly, while all excess water is dispensed automatically into the drain bucket included. Thanks to gravity, no extra effort is required and items of clothing dry faster than they do on an outdoor line. This process is also more gentle on your clothes than a tumble dryer, and there is no danger of any accidental shrinkings!

This 2800rpm Gravity Spin Dryer has been designed for those with limited space. The perfect mechanical clothes dryer for anyone living in a motorhome, caravan or small flat, this smart dryer boasts a generous 5kg capacity and has in-built, specially designed spring dampened feet to ensure the drying process is as quiet as possible.

25" Height x 14" Diameter

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