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BM Cats Approved Diesel Catalytic Converter & DPF - BM11050H

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BM CatalystsSKU: BM11050H

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2 year warranty on this product.

Diesel vehicles have become increasingly popular as diesel engine technology continues to advance due to their superior fuel economy. The drawback with diesel vehicles, however, is that they have high emissions compared to their petrol counterparts. In response to this, Euro Emissions Standards were tightened and greater environmentally friendly initiatives developed. One of the most prominent was the introduction of diesel particulate filters (DPFs). The DPF is part of the exhaust system which helps reduce the amount of harmful particulate matter expelled within exhaust gases.

This product comes with fitting kit - FK11050A. Fitting kits are specific to each product and will contain gaskets, clamps etc where applicable. For an exact list of components in each applicable kit, drop us a message

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