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Mintex Brake Pad Set fits -Ford Mazda Volvo MDB2634 (also fits other vehicles)

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Mintex brake pads are manufactured by one of the largest braking suppliers, TMD Friction to meet and exceed OE specification products, and fully comply with European Regulation 90 (R90).  With a 12,000 mile / 12 month warranty, Mintex brake pads have an anti-squeal coating to minimise noise when slowing down. We always recommend using ceramic grease when fitting new brake pads. We supply Mintex Ceratec Brake Paste: Click here to Purchase

OEM References
FORD 1223682, 1321517, 1360305, 1508074, 1519528, 1566093, 1695810, 1712024, 1753844, 1759370, 1765766, 1809256, 1816524, 1820037, 1826241, 2188058, 2253406, 2271968, 2390587, 3M512K021AA, 3M512K021AB, 3M5J2K021A1A, 3M5J2K021AA, 8V412K021AA, 8V412K021AB, AV612K021BA, AV612K021BB, BV612001B3A, BV612001C3B, BV612001CB, CN152K021AA, CV612001BC, CV6Z2001A, FU2Z2V001B, GN152K021AC, KTKV6C2K021AA, KTKV6C2K021AB, KTKV6C2K021AC, ME3M5J2K021AA, MEAV6J2K021AA, MEAV6J2K021BA

FORD (CHANGAN) 1517765, 1782890, 5134102, 7M512K021AA, 7M512K021AALC, BV612001BA, CN152K021CA, CV6Z2001C

MAZDA B3YH3323Z, B3YH3323ZA, B4YB3323Z, BPYK3323Z, BPYK3323ZA, BPYK3323ZA9C, BPYK3323ZC, C2Y33323Z, C2Y33323ZA, C2Y33323ZB


NISSAN 41060HA00A, 41060HA00B, AY040MA031

VOLVO 30681739, 30683554, 30715023, 30736923, 30742030, 30793618, 31341301

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