Six great Christmas gifts

 1. CarPlan Demon Valeting Ideal Gift Pack

Let’s start the list with a Christmas cracker.

Picture this: it’s one of those calm, crisp days in between Christmas and New Year, when every day feels like a weekend – even though it’s a Wednesday – and you’re looking for something to do. You can go for a wintry walk, or stay in, eat leftover trifle and watch films. If you’re an auto aficionado though, it’s the perfect time to clean the car – inside and out. Here’s the comprehensive car care kit for doing just that.

The CarPlan Demon Valeting Ideal Gift Pack contains the following:

  • A 1-litre bottle of CarPlan Demon Foam car shampoo
  • A 1-litre container of CarPlan Demon Shine
  • A litre of CarPlan Demon Clean Active Super Clean
  • A litre of CarPlan Demon Wheels
  • A litre of CarPlan Demon Tyres
  • A large sponge
  • An air freshener (available in various styles and scents)

This cover-all cleaning pack contains a high-end car shampoo sure to leave cars washed and full of winter shine; a spray-on wax effect to have it gleaming for longer; and the Demon Clean Active Super Clean – a superb interior and exterior cleaner that can be used on much more than a family hatchback, working equally well on 4x4s, quad bikes and work vehicles. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the Demon Tyres spray to give your tyres a sleek look that lasts for weeks.

For practicality, there’s a large sponge too, to make all that elbow grease possible, and an air freshener to give the vehicle interior an even more pleasant atmosphere.

Check out the car care gift that keeps on giving unrivalled shine. 

2. Dash cam range

A dash cam is a cool piece of tech that’s becoming more and more popular. They allow drivers to capture their journeys and can be useful in the event of an insurance claim.

Some tech-savvy drivers even use them to make films of unusual sights on rural commutes, like encountering a flock of sheep on a country road or logging a mammoth journey through a time-lapse.

Arnold Clark Autoparts has a pair of excellent dash cams. First, the RING HD 1.5 Mini dash cam, which has a 120-degree view allowing for a commanding watch over the oncoming road. It’s intelligent, too, automatically switching itself and on and off when you start and stop the vehicle ignition.

Another great potential festive gift, the Pama Hd 720P Plug N Go Drive 3 dash cam has a built-in mic and speaker, and a handy USB port that allows easy charging.

Find our dash cams here

3. BMW Baby Racer III kids’ car in sport white

Toddlers are guaranteed to be entertained in this pint-sized powerhouse* from BMW. Suitable for ages 1 – 3, any young ones in your family will navigate the hallways with class in this nimble machine. Then, welcome the chase from the household pets with the sound of its built-in horn and a leg push away. And with the Baby Racer III’s wide racing tyres, youngsters will swerve any floor-level obstacles with consummate ease.

Take a backseat from driving and let the youngsters take over (almost) with a BMW Baby Racer III

 4. Ford Mustang trucker-style cap

Could this be the perfect gift for combatting the low winter sun on the open road? Whether the intended recipient is a heavy goods driver covering 20,000 miles a year, or a friend with a passion for American automotive, this cap represents a thoroughly thoughtful gift.

Its design is akin to that of the classic American trucker hat, quite squared and with a long, accentuated scoop. What’s doubly cool is the Mustang insignia, with the simplicity of the galloping wild horse – an instantly recognisable statement for fellow Ford stalwarts, or even just lovers of all things automotive.

To cap the festive period for the driver in your life, visit Arnold Clark Autoparts’ product range

5. Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus home pressure washer

Make sure someone special cleans up this Christmas with a top-class pressure washer. The Kärcher pressure washer set available at Arnold Clark Autoparts contains all the right tools for easy cleaning of cars, home exteriors, wheelie bins and more.

The Kärcher K5 provides complete cleaning power with its three-in-one multijet tool, switching between vario lance, dirt blaster and detergent settings. Switching between the three modes is a breeze thanks to the washer’s LCD display touch control trigger gun. And when there’s a particularly tough cleaning job to take on, the Kärcher’s squeaky-clean credentials are reinforced with a 1-litre bottle of stone and façade detergent that can be used sparingly, therefore lasting longer, and still achieve great results on your prized exterior surfaces with each use.

What’s more, this product is protected by a Kärcher 5-year warranty, meaning Kärcher is confident this will be cleaning cars, walls and stone paths for your intended recipient – or even for yourself – with ease for years to come.

Find out more about this fantastic multi-tool pressure washer in Arnold Clark Autoparts’ product section

6. Tiger Wheelie kids’ training bike

Set a budding explorer in your family roaring along the pavements this festive season with a Tiger Wheelie kids’ bike. Made for expanding horizons, it’s safe, too, with a super-responsive rear V-brake.

Perfect for youngsters from three to five years old, the bike’s safety-conscious build, with a calliper brake fitted on the rear, means that when engaged, it won’t cause the front wheel to lock and eliminates the risk of any bumps by going over the handlebars from hard braking.

Complete with stylish alloy rims, the Tiger Wheelie is family-friendly (no, you can’t have a shot) as the seat has a handle attached, allowing an adult to aid the rider’s steering on any tricky bit of path or pavement, or when navigating kerbs.

The Tiger Wheelie does tick all the boxes for a youngster this Christmas.


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