New Year’s resolution top tips

A New Year’s resolution is easy to make, but harder to keep – it can get the better of the best-intentioned people determined to make a positive change to their daily routine after the turn of the year. 

But instead of trying to make grand statements to yourself about big New Year changes, here are some tips that could help you introduce some smaller positive norms to your near-future routine – and some tools to help you make them happen consistently. 

Stay hydrated

Improving your physical shape, and enjoying the mental health boost that often comes with that, needn’t be an Olympic effort. Incremental changes to your routine, such as going out for an hour’s walk before or after dinner, or going a steady two-mile run, or signing up to some classes at your local gym. 

An important aspect of keeping fit is staying hydrated – and the MINI water bottle will help keep you hydrated for every training session, easy or hard. 

Its 700ml capacity is almost half of an adult’s recommended daily allowance – but drinking a bottle during exercise, and then topping up once back home again, will keep you well hydrated, which helps lots of other aspects of keeping fit like digesting good nutritious food and blood circulation. 

But even on a day stuck in the car and travelling long distances, it’s important to stay hydrated as this will help your focus while on the road. 

Film your fitness journey 

Planning to get on your bike more, and take to the forest trails? Or are you even going a little left-field and jumping on a skateboard or scooter? Get creative and capture every moment on the move! You can use the footage to track your progress over time.

The BiTMore Aktivcam 720P waterproof action camera kit is a tremendous tool for filming high-quality footage of your favourite outdoor activities and excursions. Using this action camera, you’ll enjoy top-class playback from its 2-inch LCD screen, getting a great view of the action thanks to a 120-degree lens, playback, timer and a built-in mic and speaker. 

It’s also compatible with SD cards up to 32GB, meaning lots of storage of some great outdoor moments. But no need to play up to the cameras – it’s always better to be safe while enjoying yourself in the outdoors, and wear protective headgear whenever on bikes, skateboards or buggies! 

Is the action going aquatic? Surfers, swimmers and other water-based enthusiasts can use this camera with confidence, thanks to its waterproof protection, and secure headgear. Capture with the Aktivcam here.

Relax with a routine massage 

The professionals’ choice for at-home massaging, the Massage Gun is the perfect tonic to smoothen out muscle knots, to improve blood flow to areas where muscle tissue is damaged, and to give a feeling of all-body relaxation. 

Another neat contrast is the massage gun’s 12-volt brushless motor, which provides plenty of punch and power, but only produces 48 decibels of noise, so it’s quiet enough to allow you to operate the gun and still enjoy the feeling of relaxation. 

Total relaxation starts here.


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