Car windscreen wipers on rainy windshield

Changing your wipers is easy and takes just five minutes to do!

The UK has unpredictable weather to say the least, which means our windscreen wipers play an important role in maintaining our safety on the road. Wiper blades are essential for seeing the road ahead in wet conditions and they also clear stray leaves, salt and other debris that blows into your line of vision.
However, over time, the effectiveness of wiper blades deteriorates, so you’ll definitely need to replace them at some point. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand when to replace your wipers and how to fit your new blades.


How will I know when to replace wiper blades?

A tell-tale sign that windscreen wipers need replacing is when they begin to smear or leave streaks of rain, snow or dirt across your windscreen, which can really affect your visibility. Or, when the wipers are switched on and make a screeching sound or judder, it’s a sure indication that the blades need to be changed. It should be noted that these problems also occur with rear windscreen wipers. We recommend replacing your wiper blades at least once every 12 months, although depending on the weather conditions you drive in they may need to be replaced after six months.


What kind of windscreen wipers do I need?

The best windscreen wipers for your car can be found in your vehicle handbook, or just do a quick search online. A good thing to do is take a moment to remove one of your existing wipers and check the side of the old blade. We recommend Bosch wiper blades, known for their excellent wiping action and easy fitment. Or, why not try Trico wiper blades, as their selection of fittings make them universal and they do the job for less than £20.


How do I replace my windscreen wipers?

Time taken: 5 minutes

Equipment needed: Replacement wiper blades

Before following our how-to guide, we recommend that you consult your vehicle handbook for the correct way to set the wiper arm for removing the blade. It’s important that you do this to avoid damage to the arm when you take it off. 

    1. Have your wipers in the upright position and switch them off, turning off the ignition too. Make sure you remove your key from the ignition to stop the wiper arm moving once the blade is removed.
    2. Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and – if your car allows them to fully extend – lock it in the fully upright position. If your car doesn’t allow the arm to be locked in place, be careful to keep hold of it and don’t let it spring back, as it could shatter the glass once the blade is removed.
    3. Locate and pop open the locking tab, or push down on the locking button to release the blade from the wiper arm.
    4. Carefully slide out the windscreen wiper while holding the wiper arm in place.
    5. Take your new windscreen wiper and slide it into place, making sure it locks back in. If your wiper features a locking button, you’ll hear it click. Or if it has a locking tab, make sure you’ve manually clipped it back into place.
    6. Gently lower the wiper arm back onto the windscreen.


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