Cycling trip essentials from Autoparts

Cycling is one of the few past-times that stretches across all age groups and boundaries. From casual rides through glorious countryside with the family, speeding downhill trying to beat your personal best, or just making your way to work, it really has something for everyone. And with the country opening up once again and staycations rising in popularity, you might be feeling that familiar urge to gather the family, dust off the two-wheelers, strap the helmets on and hit the open road.

Well don’t!

At least, not until you’ve kitted yourself out with some Autoparts cycling essentials. These handy tools will make your life that much easier when you’re coasting along enjoying the views or, if worst comes to the worst, they may just be the answer you need to get out of a sticky situation.

Regardless of your cycling expertise, we have something for everyone.

Deluxe Self-Seal Puncture Repair Kit

Punctures can ruin an idyllic cycle at the worst possible time, like when it’s raining, when up a mountain, or when your phone has just run out of battery. Avoid such a catastrophe by bringing along the Deluxe Self-Seal Puncture Repair Kit. This easy to carry kit has everything you need to patch up that annoying puncture and get you back home, safe and sound. This includes an easy-to-read instruction booklet for those who might not be the most mechanically inclined and a multitude of spanners designed for any type of bike.

So, grab a kit here, then take to the road knowing, no matter what it can throw at you, you’ll be back home in time for tea.


Weatherproof Phone Holder for Bikes

The last thing you want to be worrying about while pedalling along is if your phone has just fallen out your pocket. Or, if you are really serious about your biking, you might have opted for a full spandex wardrobe – great for cutting down the wind resistance, terrible for including pockets. Either way, this weatherproof phone holder may be the answer you need for some peace of mind.

Hooking onto your bike, this must-have accessory protects your phone (and your GoPro if you have one) from any inclement weather that might disturb your cycle. Compatible with a huge range of phones, the holder allows you to pivot and swivel your phone to the best angle while the covering screen still allows for full touch screen operations. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road!

Secure your phone with Autoparts’ Weatherproof Phone Holder, available right here.


Tiger Cycles Water Bottle complete with Alloy Cage

Stay hydrated!

It’s important to know how important hydration is, especially during exercise as physically taxing as cycling. And, while you’re out enjoying the ride with your family, it can be easy to forget about that oh-so-important water. Before you know it, you’re in the middle of nowhere, the sun is beating down on you, and your tongue feels like sandpaper. Please avoid such a situation and ensure you bring plenty of water with you.

And if you don’t already have one, why not check out Autoparts’ Tiger Water Bottle? It has a great design for easy sipping while you cycle, comes with an alloy cage (it is a tiger water bottle after all) that seamlessly clips to your bike!

Invite the tiger not just to tea, but for a bike ride as well, with Autoparts’ Tiger Cycles Water Bottle


Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit - 4 Piece Set with Storage Bag

If it has been a little while since you dug the bike out for a ride, it might be in need of a little TLC. Thankfully, even in extreme situations, the fantastic Muc-Off Bike Care 4-piece set can get your bike looking its best in no time!

Boasting brushes specially designed to help reach all the gooey crooks and crannies, the vibrant neon pink ‘Muc-Off’ cleaning fluid cuts through the thickest of mud and it comes with a useful sponge to finish it all off. Even better, the kit includes the wonderfully effective ‘Muc-Off Bike Protect’ spray, protecting your bike from dirt and grime and making your life so much easier for the next clean.

This is important for more than just cosmetic reasons of course. Leaving your bike grim and grimy can cause serious deterioration, meaning that you’ll be replacing expensive parts more often. A clean bike is a healthy bike and will save you a few quid to boot!

No need to Muc about, this kit is available to buy right here from Autoparts.    


Megabeam Bicycle Light Set

Do you know what really helps when out riding? Being able to see the road. Considering how dark UK mornings can be, that’s not always possible – at least not without a little technological help. And, if you're riding on public roads in the dark, you're legally obliged to have lights. That’s why it’s so important to invest in some reliable cycling lights. You can light up the path ahead of you, avoid any potential potholes and make it that much easier to be seen by cars.

Luckily, Autoparts has you covered with the Megabeam Bicycle Light set. These light(ha)-weight LEDs offer a powerful beam without weighing your bike down. They also boast a quick charge feature and a battery life that will stick with you through any length of bike ride. Even better, this set includes a front and rear light, making you totally visible for any potential traffic.

If you enjoy an early morning ride or an after-work workout, a good pair of lights can make your life that much easier – and safer. Check out our Megabeam Light set here.


Whatever way you want to enjoy your bike rides this summer, these essentials can make them that much more enjoyable and, more importantly, safer for the whole family.