7 great valeting products

 1. CarPlan Demon Winter Chill Gift Pack

Stave off hibernation and get out the house on one of those calm, crisp days during the winter - it’s the perfect time to clean the car, inside and out. And Autoparts has the go-to car care kit for doing just that, with the CarPlan Demon Winter Chill Gift Pack.

This pack contains:

  • One Demon Shot 500ml - Screenwash Booster
  • One litre of Demon Cool universal top-up antifreeze and coolant
  • One litre of Demon Ice, a 2-in-1 ice preventer and de-icer.
  • A CarPlan Squeegee, to leave a professional shine when the work’s done.

Check out the car care gift that brings unrivalled winter shine. 

2. Star Wars Darth Vader SVW100 2D air freshener

They say space is a vacuum, but that won’t stop you from adding a touch of intergalactic aroma to your car interior, with this Star Wars-themed Darth Vader-shaped air freshener, based on the epic franchise’s arch villain.

Giving off a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance, they’re designed to hang freely from your car’s rear-view mirror. And if they make you remember the velvety voice of James Earl Jones, then it’s another sensory strongpoint for this in-car accessory.

Come over to the dark side to have your car smelling superbly.

3.  Car Plan Ultra shampoo 5-litre bottle

Be sure to add some muscle to your winter car clean with CarPlan’s Ultra shampoo. One cap of this in a bucket of clean, warm water and you’re ready to make your vehicle shine like never before. And that’s before you add any polishes.

Achieve car cleaning bliss with CarPlan’s tough Ultra shampoo

4. Karcher KHB5 brush

Brush in-car mess to the side (and, if you don’t mind, please clean it up to complete the job) with this KHB5 brush from Karcher.

Firmly in the category of high-quality German engineering, Karcher have designed a brush that’s resistant to stains and gooey deposits on your car fabric and hard upholstery, while being robust in sweeping them away.

This is a key part of the KHB5 multi-jet system which is designed to give you the full car cleaning experience. 

5. CarPlan Tyre Silk 500ml

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the heat of the summer, you can still achieve the maximum effect of 'wet look' tyres with CarPlan tyre silk.

With a special rubber lubricant to help combat the effects of crazing on tyre walls, use the silk regularly to reduce effects of ageing on your tyres. The can’s SUPER FLOW valve sprays the silk in a smooth flow, so that even when spraying it upside down you’ll have all the control without any waste.

Just be sure not to spray Tyre Silk on tyre tread, side windows or either windscreen.

Channel SUPER FLOW power in every application. 

6. Karcher five-cloth set

It’s important to remember the staples when you think about cleaning your car inside and out – and this cloth set from Karcher will get you well on the way to a spotless vehicle.

This set of five, which can be used by hand or attached to cleaning tools, is made of high-quality cotton, and is strong, highly absorbent, and lint-free. Highly effective at dealing with dirt, mud, droppings and other stains, the cloths when used even with soap and warm water, will provide the cleaning credentials you need for your prized wheels.

And if you have designs on using in the home, they’re ideal for cleaning PVC and linoleum, as well as tiled and stone floors.

7. Karcher Pet Accessories Box

Finally, it’s another cracker from Karcher, a paw-sitively perfect pack for the pet-owning driver.

This box of goodies includes a conical jet nozzle, which is ideal for cleaning pets such as dogs, whether it’s a mucky pup or on old doggie who should know better.

A fur-cleaning brush allows you to remove even the most stubborn matting, and a high-quality micro-fibre cloth is also included, for drying off your two-or four-legged friend after cleaning and washing (and not to discriminate but we don’t recommend giving your pet python this treatment!). 

Even if your pets can be a bit wild, this pet-friendly kit should be a roaring success. Find it here


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