Tetrosyl Textured Sound Deadening Pads - Box Of 4

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Tetra Pad Textured Sound Deadening Pads are designed to absorb vibrations in sheet metal panels and provide an effective sound insulation. Formulated to give maximum flexibility even in cold conditions, these may be applied to vehicle panels, floors, engine compartments, garage doors etc.

Directions For Use

  • Shape the pad by cutiing with a sharp knife or scissors
  • Removing the backing paper and apply using multi-directional pressure to avoid air bubbles.
  • For best results apply at room temperature between 17C - 25C

If the pad is to be overcoated, carefully remove the plastic film to ensure optimum paint adherence
Always ensure the surface to be treated is suitably prepared, and fully degreased with Tetrosyl Compliant Panel Wipe. Do not apply temperatures below 5°C.


Tetrosyl Gun Wash


Do not store in humid conditions or at temperatures above 40°C


SDP200 10 pads 200mm

SDP500 4 pads 500mm

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