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T-Cut Colourfast Scratch - Black 150g


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T-Cut Colourfast Scratch remover removes scratches, scuffs, blemishes and adds colour in one easy application. T-Cut is enhanced by the latest nanotechnology, making it easier to remove light scratches* and mask, deeper scratches. The coloured pigents blend in with all shades of paintwork, cleaning and removing oxidation, creating a flawless colour-matched finish.


Apply sparingly to the affected area.

Rub in a circular motion until the scratch is removed.

Wipe off excess before it dries.

Tip: Apply Triplewax Car Wax of T-Cut Colourfast to enhance the car bodywork.


Do no use if lacquer coat is damaged. T-Cut contains abrasives. When used on cars caution should be taken not to remove excessive amounts of paint which may cause the primer to show. Avoid rubbing on angled surfaces e.g. the edges of wings. Do not use on newly painted surfaces, glossy surfaces may become dull, test on an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility.

* A surface scratch is determined by feeling no obstruction when passing a fingernail over the mark. If an
obstruction is noticed, it will be deeper than a surface scratch and T-Cut can only help in improving the appearance of the scratch.

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