Nilco Antibacterial Cleaner & Sanitiser - 5L

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Nilco H1 Antibacterial Cleaner & Sanitiser is a neutral, solvent-based aqueous bactericidal and virucidal anti-static cleanser primarily for use in the catering industry.

This product possesses NSF registration in accordance with clause D2, covering sanitizers for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse.

NSF Registration Number 141336.

Where to use

On all water resistant "hard", non-porous substrates, particularly glass, and catering work surfaces, "sneeze screens", stainless steel, and other surfaces for light duty cleaning and pre and post use disinfection.

Where not to use

On "soft" porous substrates such as soft furnishings, curtains etc.

In direct sunlight.

In confined spaces without adequate ventilation.

On a routine basis on polycarbonate or other clear, particularly stressed, plastics.

On food contact areas where overspray or product retention is expected.

This product may be used to clean and sanitize food preparation and storage areas provided that all residues are removed.

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