Kontrol Krystals Unfragranced - 1Kg

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Kontrol KR0707 Krystals Unfragranced 1Kg

There are many times throughout the year when you will have excess moisture in and around your caravan, motorhome or house. This can cause your windows to fog up or even allow mould, mildew, mustiness and rust to form. However, with this range of moisture control products from Kontrol, you will have the ideal solution to prevent this from happening. This moisture Krystal refill pack from Kontrol is the perfect solution for your caravan or motorhome to prevent excess moisture. Designed for use with the Streamline and Mega moisture traps, each 1kg bag will absorb up to 2000ml (2 litres) of liquid. Kontrol was founded 40 years ago in Jersey (Channel Islands). The company is a specialised niche business, supplying around 80 products for home and garden solutions that include humidity control, cleaning, laundry, clothes protection, home fragrance and pest control. The range provides effective solutions to help with all aspects of humidifying caravans and boats nationwide.

  • Use with Streamline / Mega Moisture traps
  • Resealable bag
  • Each 1kg bag absorbs up to 2 litres

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