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Key Parts Ball Joint Lower L/R Part No -KBJ5363

Key PartsSKU: KBJ5363

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Ball joints are a component of the front suspension of a car. The front suspension is a complex assembly of components that allow your front wheels to move up and down independently and turn left or right together. The ball joint acts as an essential pivot point that connects the control arms of the car to the steering.

Any failure in the performance of the ball joints would mean that the wheel will not move straight, and this will have very serious side effects on the performance of your car.

For more information on this product, drop us a message or use our registration lookup on the home page for specific technical details.

OEM References
AUDI 7M3407365A

FORD 1111156, 7200946, 95VW3395AA, 95VW3395AA, 95VW3395AA, YM213395BA, YM213395BA, YM213395BA

FORD USA 95VW3395AA, YM213395BA

SEAT 7M0407365A, 7M3407365C, 7M3407365A

SKODA 7M3407365A

VAG 7M3407365A

VOLKSWAGEN 7M0407365A, 7M3407365C, 7M3407365A

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