3/8" Drive 8mm Socket


SKU: JTN38624S6P-8-1

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NUTMASTER sockets offers a better torque

NUTMASTER sockets reduces stress concentration

NUTMASTER sockets Prevents the fastener from rounding

Total contact between NUTMASTER sockets and fastener makes the turning labor-saving 

What are NUTMASTER Sockets? 

Nutmaster Sockets bring about the design by improving on the point contact between conventional socket and the nut by achieving total contact offering the following benefits: 

1. NUTMASTER Sockets protect the nut, prevent the nut from rounding 

2. NUTMASTER Sockets always succeeds in those turn worn, sever rounded nut. 

3. NUTMASTER Sockets allow the socket to contact the nut away from the corner while the torque can evenly spread all over the head of the nut makes the turning labor-saving. 

4. NUTMASTER Sockets extend the life of nut. 

5. NUTMASTER Sockets was awarded and are patented.