Hurri-Can Refillable Aersol


SKU: JT1402051-1

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1. Max. capacity : 650 c.c.
2. Cup material: Aluminum
3. Ideal for lubrication,paint,clean dust,antirust...etc.
4. 2 function design for easy to operation.
5. Long type nozzle suitable for narrow & difficult space spray.
6. Refill pressure with universal adapter for easy to stuff air pressure.
7. Provide with the safety valve on the air inlet set. pre-setting 90 Psi(6.3Bar) 
8. The exceed pressure will be release automatically.
9. Aluminum canister for long life use. 
WARING! * Keep out of reach of children.
* Always wear eyes protection when operating or performing maintenance on this tool.
* Do not use with strong chemical or corrosive fluid.