Genuine Seat Arona 2018> Protection Pack

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Brand New Genuine Seat Arona 2018> Protection pack 2 contains front and rear tailored rubber fitted mats ,rear boot liner rubber mat and the rear bumper protector foil.

Floor Mats - 6F2061500041 :Tailor made for an accurate fit of your vehicles foot wells,enhancing the look of your cars interior while protecting the original carpets. Includes fixing clips
Boot Liner/Mat - 6F9061201C : The Rubber boot mat has been manufactured to fit into the shape of your luggage area, the structure and the shape allow for an ideal adaptation to the boot while protecting the original carpet.
Bumper Foil Protector - 6F9071363 : Protects the rear bumper from scuffs, scratches and bumps, while maintaining the original look.

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