Ford Magnatec 5W20 Oil & Fiesta Oil Filter

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Genuine Ford Oil Filter - 1751529

Engineered to exacting specifications, Ford Original Equipment (OE) parts meet all European legislation relating to safety and environmental standards, whilst simultaneously ensuring great value for money and a first-time fit guaranteed when fitted by your local Ford dealer.

Ford OE parts are the only way you can be sure that what you receive will be a brand-new, thoroughly-tested, factory-manufactured replacement covered by our comprehensive pan-European Parts & Accessories Warranty, helping to protect the safety of you and your passengers’.

If you require any additional filter (air,fuel etc) then get in touch for a quote.

Genuine Ford Magnatec 5w20 Oil  - 151A95

Ford-Castrol Magnatec Professional E 5W-20 is tailor made with Ford for use in their latest fuel-efficient gasoline engines that require a 5W- 20 lubricant that meets Ford WSS-M2C948-B specification.

Ford-Castrol Magnatec Professional’s Intelligent Molecules:

  • Cling to critical engine parts when the oil drains down forming an extra layer that protects from the moment you turn the key;
  • Bond to metal surfaces to make engine parts more resistant to wear;
  • Provide continuous protection and superior performance for all driving conditions, styles and temperatures.

Want more information or to make sure this fits your vehicle? Drop us a message and we can check.

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