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Double TT Giant Trade Size Maintenance Spray - 750ml

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Double TT penetrates and eases corroded parts, fasteners, seized nuts and bolts, cables, linkages etc. Frees and lubricates locks and hinges whilst also able to lubricate sewing machines, lawnmowers, light machines, and tracks. Not only does Double TT penetrate, lubricate and protect... it also stops squeaks on springs, castors, pedals, handles etc.


  • Frees and lubricates locks and hinges
  • Leaves a protective coating to help prevent rust and corrosion
  • Removes crayon marks, gum, and adhesives from most surfaces
  • Displaces moisture, rain, and seawater from metal surfaces, moving parts and electrical apparatus


Shake can. Spray directly on to the surface to be treated. For intricate job, fit straw to direct spray. For seized or corroded joints, repeat spraying until joints are free. For metal protection, do not wipe off after spraying.

Do not spray directly into electric motors.

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