6N6-3B (DC) 6V Yuasa Conventional Motorcycle Battery

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Yuasa 6N6-3B 6V Conventional Battery
Capacity Ah (20-HR): 6.3
The Conventional 6 Volt battery is the industry standard for motorcycles, snowmobiles and ride-on mowers.


  • Specifically designed to protect against seepage and corrosion
  • Made to withstand vibration
  • Through-partition construction delivers maximum power while the unique sealed posts resist corrosion for a longer battery life

Motorbike/Scooter Battery -

HONDA CB100, HONDA CB100 N, HONDA CB100 Super Sport, HONDA CL100 S Scrambler, HONDA SL100 Motosport, HONDA XL100, HONDA CB Italia, HONDA CB125 S, S III-V, HONDA CB125 S2, J, N, HONDA CB125 T, T II, HONDA CB125S, HONDA CBX/Endurance, HONDA CG125, -IR, HONDA CS, HONDA MT125 Elsinore, HONDA SL125 Motosport, HONDA TMX125, HONDA XL175, HONDA MT250 Elsinore, HONDA MT250 Elsinore, HONDA XL250, HONDA XL250, HONDA XL350, HONDA XL350, MALAGUTTI Runner, R

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