26A Noco Smart Workshop Charger 12V/24V


SKU: G26000UK

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  • A powerful, professional-grade battery charger and battery maintainer rated at 26-amps in 12-volt mode and 13-amps in 24-volt mode.?
  • Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully-charged and maintained during year-round battery maintenance or long-term storage for improved longevity.
  • Works with all types of 12-volt and 24-volt lead-acid batteries, including wet, gel, and AGM, or any automotive, leisure, or maintenance-free battery.
  • Simply plug-in and let our advanced charging technology automatically monitor and maintain your battery without the worry of an overcharge.
  • Use the advanced Repair Mode to reverse the damaging effects of battery sulfation when batteries are left uncharged to help restore lost battery capacity.