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Car Gods Ultimum Perfectum Full Detailing Kit - GOD100

Car GodsSKU: GOD100

Sale price£84.98


Key Features

  • Custom case specifically designed to transport your Car Gods detailing products in safety and style
  • Preserves and treats your interior with Aether Interior Detailer and Zeus Glass Perfection
  • Dresses and renovates with Hermes Wheel Protection Cleaner and Nyx Black Angel Tyre Serum
  • Protects and restores with Athena Diamond Carnauba wax and Aphrodite Speed Shine Detailer
  • Prepares your bodywork with Proteus Pure Shampoo

Innovative technologies and prestige formulations from Ares, Proteus, Hermes, Zeus & Aether come together to deep clean and de-contaminate to an impeccable level. Whilst the powers of Nyx, Athena & Aphrodite deliver protection and enhancement.

What's Included?

  • Ares Fall Out Eliminator
  • Hermes Wheel Perfection Cleaner
  • Aether Interior Detailer
  • Zeus Glass Perfection
  • Aphrodite Speed Shine Detailer
  • Athena Diamond Carnauba Wax
  • Proteus Pure Shampoo
  • Nyx Black Angel Tyre Serum

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