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Seize the power of the rivers and oceans with Proteus, to effectively tackle the most stubborn of surface contaminants with ease - whilst being gentle on wax and sealant layers. The unique pH Neutral formulation that Proteus possesses effectively breaks down caked in dirt and grime, leaving streak-free spotless bodywork worthy of worshiping.


• Compatible with all exterior surfaces of the vehicle
• Wax free and pH Neutral formulation
• High tolerance to hard water to give equal results, no matter the water quality
• Cleans and improves the look of vehicle paintwork
• Leaves a smooth, high-quality finish to vehicle paintwork


1. Rinse off loose dirt with cold water or a pressure washer
2. Shake the bottle well
3. For best results, we recommend using 2 buckets. In the first bucket, add 50ml (3 caps full) of Proteus Pure Shampoo and add clean warm water
4. In the second bucket, add clean, warm water
5. Using a sponge or wash mitt, wash the car from top-down, rinsing your sponge/mitt in the second bucket before applying more Proteus Pure Shampoo solution to the car
6. Rinse vehicle with clean water or pressure washer
7. Dry with chamois or microfibre cloth

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